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Experience counts when an elderly loved one is victimized

At Brandenburg Law Offices, probate and trust litigation is the fastest growing area of our practice.  Most probate and trust litigation results when suspicious amendments to a testator’s documents alter the distribution of assets. Though these actions are usually brought by would-be beneficiaries who believe they have been cheated, the real victim is the elderly testator who trusted that his or her wishes would be carried out. In the numerous cases we’ve handled, there’s an unfortunate but common theme: an unscrupulous individual, motivated by personal greed takes advantage of an elderly person. Brandenburg Law Offices is committed to preventing that kind of unjust enrichment and restoring your loved one’s original intent.

Experience counts when there’s undue influence or breach of duty

Our firm recently represented a client in an action to set aside a trust amendment that deleted our client as a beneficiary. We were able to prove that another relative took unfair advantage of the elderly settlor to eliminate our client as a beneficiary. The trust amendment was declared invalid, and our client achieved a substantial recovery as a beneficiary pursuant to the original trust document.

The lawyers at Brandenburg Law Offices have also handled cases in which a power of attorney was used for improper purposes.  Such cases may involve the execution of a power of attorney when a person is not competent (lack of capacity) or the person acting under power of attorney takes funds for improper uses (breach of fiduciary duty).  These cases truly offend the conscience of decent people. Brandenburg Law Offices is committed to righting such wrongs.

Settling accounts with the estate’s debtors and creditors

Brandenburg Law Offices has undertaken many cases involving litigation by or against a probate estate. These cases involve recovery of assets for the probate estate or the defense of the probate estate from outside creditors seeking to recover assets from the estate.

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