"I worked in a factory for many years and began having problems with my arms and hands.  My father was a friend of Jim’s and recommended him for my workers compensation case.  Jim represented me in a number of workers compensation cases and did a great job.  I have recommended him to many friends and family members.  He always has done excellent work.  I would refer anyone to him in need of a top notch lawyer."
Dorothy S.


"I was injured in a car accident.  The insurance company for the other driver refused to pay, saying the accident was my fault.  I hired Jim to represent me.  Jim filed a lawsuit but the insurance company still refused to settle.  The case resulted in a jury trial.  Jim is a fantastic trial lawyer.  We got a jury verdict for an amount much greater than our settlement request.  I ended up with much more money than I expected to get on the case.  You should hire Jim if you need a lawyer who knows how to go to court and win your case."
Mark C.


"I injured my back in a car accident.  I hired Mr. Brandenburg to represent me.  He was able to get a settlement with the insurance company for a substantial amount without having to go to Court.  I have recommended him to many friends and they have been very satisfied with his legal representation."
Vickie N.
"I worked in a factory on a molding machine and got carpal tunnel syndrome in one wrist and then in the other wrist.  After the injury to the second wrist, I was no longer able to work.  Jim filed a claim for compensation with the Division of Workers Compensation.  We were not able to settle the case and he tried my case for permanent total disability benefits.  The Judge ruled against me and denied the benefits.  Jim appealed the case and got the Judge’s ruling reversed on appeal.  I am now receiving permanent total disability benefits.  I was blessed to have an excellent lawyer who refused to give up on my case."
Charlene W.


"I have known Jim for many years.  He represented me in a car accident case when I injured my neck and back.  He got a quick settlement with the insurance company for a very fair amount.  I was very happy because I needed the money and wanted an out of court settlement.  I have recommended him to a number of friends and family members."
Tommie P.


"I was seriously injured when I slipped and fell in an auditorium in downtown St. Louis.  The insurance company refused to pay because it said the accident was my fault.  Mr. Brandenburg filed a lawsuit and the insurance company still refused to make a settlement offer.  We had a jury trial and won the case.  Mr. Brandenburg is an excellent trial lawyer.  I ended up with more money than we requested for settlement before trial.  I would recommend him to anyone needing a talented trial lawyer."
Rhiya A.

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