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Experience counts when planning your legacy

At Brandenburg Law Offices, so much of our practice entails damage control after an unexpected crisis  that we’ve really come to appreciate our preventative work. Through careful and detailed estate planning, we help clients prepare for the inevitable: retirement, the infirmity of age and the passing of this life’s rewards to the next generation. Our experience as litigators has taught us what issues are contentious, what language is open to multiple interpretations and what omissions leave a legacy vulnerable to excessive expenses. With a little reverse engineering, we’re able to craft estate plans that secure your wealth, safeguard your retirement and efficiently transfer assets to your heirs.

Wills that accurately record your intentions

A will is an essential element of any estate plan. Without a last will and testament, your estate languishes in probate court as mounting court costs and legal fees eat away at your assets. Brandenburg Law Offices can clearly memorialize your intentions so your estate can move swiftly through probate, preserving your legacy to your beneficiaries.

Beyond a last will, there are instruments that provide legal safeguards should you become incapacitated and/or dependent. A living will and durable power of attorney ensure that decisions regarding your care and maintenance will be made according to your wishes and through a trusted person whom you select.

Trusts to avoid probate of your estate

Trusts are legal entities that hold, manage and distribute assets for purposes you choose. You can set up a trust so at the time of your death, your assets go directly to your beneficiaries without going through probate court proceedings.  By setting up a living trust, you avoid the substantial time delays and expenses involved in probate court proceedings.  At your death, your assets will go directly to the people or charities designated in your trust or the trust can remain in effect under a trustee you designate to take control after your death. Brandenburg Law Offices can fully explain your trust options during your free initial consultation.

Probate services to settle claims against the estate

When an individual dies, his or her estate may pass through the probate court before it can be distributed to the beneficiaries. Any creditors against the estate have the chance to come forward and state their claims. It’s important, therefore, to have a knowledgeable attorney for the estate protecting the interests of the heirs. Brandenburg Law Offices provides probate law services to ensure that the estate is protected during any conflicts or controversies.

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